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Feathers Fringe

Shop unique and handmade feathered fringes designed precisely by creative people. Pheasants provide some of the most interestingly marked and mottled natural patterned feathers for feather trim for fashion, costume, millinery and craft application. That’s why we bring to you beautifully handcrafted feathered fringes made from Natural Ringneck Almond Pheasant feathers. Not only this, we also provide you with high-quality ostrich feather fringes for sale in some of the most gorgeous colors.

Hot Fans is the manufacture and supplier of different feather fringes made of pheasant feathers that are unique and small and have a natural pattern on them. Soft and lightweight, the Ringneck pheasant feathers are typically composed of more earthy tones and are great for millinery and clothing applications. The striking hues and naturally colored tips of these pheasant feathers work splendidly for masks and as hat feathers.  Packed by the yard, our fringes have the feathers that have been sewn onto a black satin-blend bias tape with approx 3-4 feathers per inch.

Looking to add a hint of brilliance to any special occasion? With our feathered fringes, you can finally add a sense of beauty and elegance to décor which will guarantee to leave everyone breathless at your celebration. Besides using them as hair accessories, you can also use the fringes to add a sense of sophistication to your home decor.  Available in a large variety of colors to choose from, our selections will be the perfect item for all your decorating needs. They are ideal for costuming, crafts, fashion accessories, floral, hair accessories, home decor, garment manufacturing, mask making, millinery and wedding.

We’ve enjoyed seeing our feather fringes adorning high fashion creations on performance outfits. Our feather supplies are updated frequently to ensure you can find the latest styles. Always order in bulk to save big – if you don’t see that option, simply call us to inquire.

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Soft Ostrich Feather Fringe trim   5"-8" (13cm-17cm) For Crafts Costume Accessory